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Peer - Reviewed  PUBLICATIONS


Brisson-Curadeau, É.  D.M. Bird, C. Burke, Chantelle, D.Fifield, P. Pace and and K. Elliott.    

Can drones census wildlife?

Recommendations based on observations of four cliff-nesting species of seabirds?   Ecology (in press)


Tremblay, J.A, A. Desrochers2, Y. Aubry, P.Pace,  and D. M. Bird.

A Low-cost Technique for Radio-Tracking Wildlife Using a Small Standard Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. 

Journal of Unmanned Vehicle Systems (in press).

Junda, J.H., E. Greene, D. Zazelenchuk, and D. M. Bird. 2016.

Nest defense behaviour of four raptor species (osprey, bald eagle, ferruginous hawk, and red-tailed hawk) to a novel aerial intruder – a small rotary-winged drone. 

Journal of Unmanned Vehicle Systems  0(0): 1-11.

Junda, J. H., E. Greene, and D. M. Bird 2015.

Proper flight technique for using a small rotary-winged drone aircraft to safely, quickly, and accurately survey raptor nests.   

Journal of Unmanned Vehicle Systems 3:222-236.

Patterson, C.*, W. Koski, P. Pace,, B. McLuckie,. and D. M. Bird.  2015.

Evaluation of an unmanned aircraft system for detecting surrogate caribou targets in Labrador.

Journal of Unmanned Vehicle Systems.  4(1): 53-69,


Chabot D.and D.M. Bird. 2015.

Wildlife research and management methods in the 21st Century: where  do unmanned aircraft fit in?

Journal of Unmanned Vehicle Systems 3(4): 137–155.


Chabot D., S.R. Craik, and D.M. Bird.   2015.

Population census of a large common tern colony with  a small  unmanned aircraft.

PLoS ONE 10(4): e0122588.


Chabot D., V. Carignan, D.M. Bird.  2014.

Measuring habitat quality for least bitterns
in a created wetland  with use of a small
unmanned aircraft.

Wetlands 34(3): 527–533.


Chabot, D. and D.M. Bird. 2013. 

Small unmanned aircraft: precise and convenient new tools for surveying wetlands. 

J. Unmanned Vehicle Systems 1: 1–10


Chabot, D. and D.M. Bird.  2012.

Evaluation of an off-the-shelf Unmanned Aircraft System for surveying flocks of geese. 

Waterbirds 35(1): 170-174.

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